Barbara’s Not-So-Traditional Holiday Gift Guide: Part Two!


Our Northwestern Hospital store is featured in part two of this shopping guide. We hope to make your holiday shopping easier this season!


Matt, store manager:

51EbdYjlcaLIll Will-Don Chaon

Matt says, “Chaon’s latest novel jumps between different character voices and genres of fiction effortlessly. He draws you deep into what at its heart is a mystery novel but is also part family history, part exploration of the reliability of memory and part opioid-induced fever dream. A beautifully written, dark, mind-twist of a novel.”


614qKK8JJRLBasketball (And Other Things)-Shea Serrano

Matt says, “Great fun from Shea Serrano, the twitter famous writer formerly of Grantland and currently of The Ringer. Basketball and Other Things starts each chapter with a question; What year was Michael Jordan the best version of Michael Jordan? Who’s your frankenplayer made of? Which NBA player’s group are you joining if the purge begins tonight? You get the idea. Serrano’s fun but fact-based answers are great and the accompanying illustrations by Arturo Torres are fantastic.”



51cl3ECzKGL._SY346_Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow-Jessica Townsend

Allie says, “Morrigan Crow is cursed. As she awaits her fate, a man named Jupiter appears, whisking her away to a magical city called Nevermoor. Morrigan soon discovers that Jupiter has selected her to contend for a spot in the Wundrous Society, the city’s most prestigious organization. But in order to join, Morrigan must compete in four difficult and dangerous trials against hundreds of other children. Nevermoor was a fun and delightful read, and it’s the beginning of a series! I’d recommend it for fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Harry Potter series.”


61MIOeeaA+L._SX260_Going Into Town-Roz Chast

Allie says, “This is as much of a guide as it is a love letter to NYC. Within the pages, you’ll find detailed maps of the subways and layouts of the boroughs, all intertwined with stories of her family and history in New York. This would make a great gift for the New Yorker in your life, or for the person who has a special place in their heart for the city that never sleeps.”


51g3C1ktA6LAll Our Wrong Todays-Elan Mastai

Allie says, “Back in the day, 2016 was predicted to be a future of flying cars, moving sidewalks, and daily activities that are performed with just the touch of a button. While things didn’t end up that way for us, they did for Tom Barren. He is living an unhappy life in the world we were predicted to have. That is until a time travel mishap sends him to our 2016. He is surprised to discover a successful career, a caring family, and a chance at love. Now Tom has a choice to make-does he go back to his old world? Or does he stay and try to forge a new life for himself? This is a novel filled with just enough time-travel to keep you guessing as to what happens next, and just enough warmth and tenderness to make you want to hug your best friend after you close the book.”



51sA7LcypMLGood Morning, Midnight-Lily Brooks-Dalton

Angelica says, “Lily Brooks-Dalton’s take on the end of the world is intense and captivating from start to finish. In Good Morning, Midnight, we are introduced to a remarkable astronomer stationed in the Arctic and a mission specialist en route to Earth from a deep space voyage. Despite their scientific pursuits, they are confronted with a new and chilling reality as communication with Earth has ended. Their stories intertwine in unexpected ways as the conclusion takes hold. In this refreshing take on the post-apocalyptic Fiction genres, Brooks-Dalton’s vivid and descriptive writing is among the best I’ve read this year. While Good Morning, Midnight is a quick read, the well-crafted storytelling will have you longing for more. Fans of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel will be in familiar territory while equally thrust into new and harsh environments.”


41kyNkKQcILThe Wrong Way to Save Your Life-Megan Stielstra

Angelica says, “In her collection of funny, complex, and emotional essays, Megan Stielstra shines as she reveals the beauty and heartbreak of everyday life. The Wrong Way to Save Your Life illustrates just how every moment, every right or wrong turn, can have the most profound meaning amidst the uncertainty. Stielstra tackles fear in its many forms from navigating love, pursuing your passion, to caring for others, all the while addressing how tenuous life can be. With a voice so clear and distinct, Stielstra has the power to speak directly to one’s insecurities while never letting go of hope. Stielstra gains your trust as a reader, holding it with great and intense warmth, in the hopes that we’ll all find our way. For readers seeking to start the new year with renewed spirits and meet the challenges it will no doubt bring, this the book for you.”


613ezqMAtxL._SX260_Electric Arches-Eve L. Ewing

Angelica says, “Eve L. Ewing’s first collection of poetry weaves dreamy visual art with poignant language, producing a unique window into her universe. While otherworldly, Ewing roots her work in the harsh realities of womanhood, navigating racism, and finding refuge when all else fails. A Chicago native, she details growing up in the city through “re-tellings” of racist encounters, reimagining them with alternate endings. “The Device” focuses on children who can speak to their ancestors through a time machine. Ewing masterfully reimagines the ordinary, transforms the mundane, and reveals the magic of daily existence. Electric Arches is a mesmerizing debut, brimming with energy, life, and love. Science fiction and Octavia E. Butler enthusiasts will find comfort in Ewing’s spellbinding poetry.”




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