Barbara’s Not-So-Traditional Holiday Gift Guide: Part Three!


Our Macy’s on State St. location is the feature of today’s shopping guide!


José, store manager:

61GalVKSE7LQueens of the Conquest-Alison Weir

José says, “If there is anyone who likes medieval history, strong queens and subjects don’t get the recognition they deserve.  For a book that spans the lives of five medieval queens, I found Queens of Conquest to be engaging and captivating.”


51hdrBuk1GLMiss Kopp’s Midnight Confession-Amy Stewart

José says, “A good cozy mystery series starring one of New Jersey’s first female detectives as she fights against the misogyny of her times for justice.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good detective story and a trip back to the early 1900s.”




The following titles are for that Feminist College Student in your life!

518vU7rQnzL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Ain’t I a Woman-bell hooks

Frances says, “This is the perfect gift for someone looking to get a general history lesson in America’s racist roots. Written by bell hooks, of whom your Feminist College Student is probably already aware, the book examines the double and unique oppression that black women—at the intersection of racism and sexism—face in our country. While on the heavier side (it is a history book!), hooks is a fluid and powerful writer. Plus, that light stuff is for summer reading: winter is the perfect time to cozy up in your knock-off snuggie, with your hot cocoa, and crack open an in-depth racial analysis of American society.”


51CwKI3qiMLSister Outsider-Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde is another classic thinker that your Feminist College Student is raging to read if they haven’t already. A poet and philosopher, Lorde has written extensively about racism, as well as her own journey to self-freedom as a black lesbian in modern America. Sister Outsider is a collection of some of her best essays and speeches. This book is for those who want to fundamentally rethink their relationship to race, gender, sexuality, and poetry. Lorde is the perfect guide to imagining a more equal and loving winter wonderland.


41lEHDhoSMLPolicing the Black Man-by various, edited by Angela J. Davis

Policing the Black Man is a book for the Feminist College Student interested in police reform and reading more contemporary writers. Released in 2017, it features essays from influential activists, lawyers, professors, and thinkers on various aspects of the institutional violence and racism facing black men today throughout the justice process. This book is a great way to learn about the different elements that create such a biased system and to jumpstart that lucrative public defender career.


Store favorites:

61DUL19J7OLLincoln in the Bardo-George Saunders

President Lincoln’s eleven-year-old son, Willie, is ill and near death. It’s February 1862, and the nation is well into the first year of the Civil War. George Saunders weaves an unforgettable story about familial love and loss within the framework of a supernatural realm. Willie Lincoln finds himself in a strange transitional state, a purgatory the Tibetans know as ‘the bardo’ and a monumental struggle erupts over his soul.


41TBZkvPGKLThe Truth Matters-Bruce Bartlett

In a nation where our media and political landscapes are littered with unreliable sources, Capitol Hill veteran Bruce Bartlett creates a citizen’s guide to separating facts from lies. He provides techniques for reading critically, identifying trustworthy experts, and using fact-checking sites. “Bartlett’s clear and concise guide reveals how to distinguish reliable journalism from reports riddled with errors, lies, and nonsense.” –David Cay Johnson, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.


51+wJ+jLa1L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve-Stephen Greenblatt

Award-winning author Stephen Greenblatt explores the story of humanity’s first parents and, through them, Western civilization. He tracks the tale back to the Hebrews’ exile in Babylon and explores tremendous theological, artistic, and cultural creativity over the centuries that made Adam and Eve resonant. A hymn to human responsibility, and, a dark fable about human wretchedness, the work is a mirror of human fears and desires.










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